Club Day - 15th February - Valley road

GNCC in Hawke’s Bay this weekend coming – Saturday 24th

Hi Everybody,

Shane Tilson at Awapai Station is hosting the final round of the GNCC series this Saturday.  This is a awesome event, and will have a heap of top National Cross Country riders there.  Races cater for everyone from up to 11 year old on non MX bikes, Rookie Ladies, Juniors and Seniors.

See:  for details.

Great way to broaden your riding skills, get fit for a big race season, and ride on some of the best Hawke’s bay country on offer.


Hey guys, not sure if many people are actually aware of the extra benefits to having a MNZ licence. please let everyone around you know. Have a read and pass on :) Cheers and have a great Xmas/New Year :) Sapphire