2 Hour Series - 12th April, 3rd and 24th May.

Mini Parents – watering please

Can you come out tomorrow afternoon and water the mini track.  It has been ripped and power harrowed, just needs water to be perfect for first round of the Taylor Corporation Magics. Cheers Greg

1st Round of Taylor Corporation Magic’s this Sunday at Valley Road Track

368 Valley Road, Maraekakaho. Come ride our upgraded track. Dust control on all week so conditions will be excellent. New transponder system will be used, so come and sign in early to get your transponder. Transponders are on loan until our new ones arrive, at which time you will need to buy one. They will be very affordable, and will be compulsory on the main track. Mini’s will be introduced at a later date. So transponders to be returned at the end of the day please. Sign on 7:30 to 8:30am
Cheers Greg

Calendar Change – Again!

Calendar update again. We have had a hard time setting the calendar in April with so much on. 1st round of Magics was going to clash with NZ Junior champs, so the only way to avoid that is to swap the 1st Round of the Magics with 1st Round of the 2 hour series. So 1st round Magics is 29th March, and 1st Round 2hr is 12th April. New calendar out shortly.
Cheers Greg

Amended dates for 2015 Calendar of events

Hi Guys please take not of the dates that have changed. I have highlighted them in red for you, share on to people please.



HBMCC Membership Application 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015


Club Days

22nd February,Valley Road

13th September club day at Mere Road 

2015 Magic Series

Rnd 1-29th March,

Rnd 2-10th May,

Rnd 3-14th June,

Rnd 4-12th July,

Rnd 5-9th August

 2 Hour events

Rnd 1-12th April,

Rnd 2-3rd May,

Rnd 3-24th May

2015 HB Champs

Rnd 1-4th October,

Rnd 2-11th October,

Rnd 3-18th October

Please Note That these dates May change closer to the time

First Sunday of every month for trail.


Hey guys, not sure if many people are actually aware of the extra benefits to having a MNZ licence. please let everyone around you know. Have a read and pass on :) Cheers and have a great Xmas/New Year :) Sapphire