2014 Taylor Corporation Magic Series Round 2 Sunday 11 May 2014 Sign On 7.30am to 8.30am

Ngaruroro Raceway – Saturday Practice

Ngaruroro Raceway, Mere Road will be open for Practice on Saturday 26th April 2014 between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm for Junior and Senior Riders ONLY at this stage.  There will be a review tomorrow to see if an area can be easily prepared for Mini riders to practice – please check this website for an update which will confirm whether they can ride or not.

Junior/Senior Practice Cost – $20 per rider (this is used to assist with covering some of the grooming costs of the track)

Your Help Please – Fund raising Opportunity

The 2nd and 4th round of the Magic’s are booked for Ngaruroro Raceway. There is 11 jumps, so this will stretch our flag marshal resources. As a trial, we would like to offer a fund raising opportunity to a club or group for 6 of the flags, and us as riders will cover the other five as we usually do. Dates are 11th May and 20th July from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Propose $300 per day. If you know anyone, or group, please get them to call Eve on 0276 457 552

Renew Your Club Membership Now.

You need to renew your club membership before the first round of the Magics on the 13th April. Get it in asp please. If yo have lost the form, down load off the website under ” Club Information”. You can bring it along on the day, but better to get it done early please.
Cheers Greg

Big thanks to all that have helped out on the Valley Road the last couple of weeks. Especially:

John Simpson – full day with his D4H bulldozer for no cost

Mike Bailey – fixed the water pump and serviced the tractor, plus organised Digger and Loader through Porter Hire

Port Hire – for the hire of the gear over last weekend

Aaron Workman – two days work at the track plus has just built 8 “flash as” flag marshal boxes

Nick Kerley – full days help and use of his truck

Hamish McIntyre – 3 full days of earthworks and use of his digger

Grant Mills – full days help and use of his Dingo

Derek Richmond – use of his truck and gear to fix drainage pipes

Scott Dallimore – full days help and use of his digger

Dylan McGill and Mark Alexander – full days help and hire of digger for mini track

Dan Gale and Paul Alexander – two full days on getting the irrigation up and running

Greg Skews and Strapco HB Longrun – iron for roof of flag boxs

Weetbix – for carting stuff around and organising his nephew with his bulldozer

Nigel McKinley – for a new poll to set the start gates.

The heaps of Mini/Junior parents, Juniors and Seniors that helped on the working bee.

Apologies if I have missed anyone.  As you can see, it takes many people, donating their time and own costs to make our sport fun and affordable.  If you get the opportunity, support these guy’s businesses or even tell them you appreciate their help.

Cheers Greg

Working Bee – Thank you

Thanks to all that could make it out to Valley Road today. Great to see heaps of Mini parents beavering away with diggers and loader . The tracks have come up great.

Club day next Sunday, watch the weather, we may need to water the tracks Thursday/Friday/Saturday if the cyclone goes around us.

Cheers Greg

Go Rhys Wheatley

If you have not been watching the results of the first two rounds of the MX National, you will not know that Rhys is currently 1st equal in the MX3 class, with Jamie Lamont.
Round Two, last Sunday at Tokoroa, Rhys cleaned up race one, beating the likes of Darren Capill and Chris Power. He smoked them with a fastest lap of 2:27 vs Darren’s 2:29 He finished 3rd equal with Tait Mehrtens for the day with 50 points.
Round One in Timaru, Rhys came second overall for the day with 58 points, after winning race 3.
Rhys – the club wishes you (and your sponsors) the very best for the next two round – give it heaps.

Ngaruroro Raceway – Update November 2013

Ngaruroro Raceway is in its development year.  There has been a massive investment in time and money to date that has produced a facility that some top national riders are calling the best in the country.  However, it is not quite there yet, and we are still learning how to manage it all.

Ngaruroro Raceway is not going to be run like Valley Road.  It is going to be managed like the best tracks in Australia and USA.   The track cannot be cut and shortened to suit some, as it is entirely man made.  It has been dug and filled up to a meter deep for most of it.  So off the track are stones.

Over the late winter we had trouble with water.  This has been improved with a new deep ripper and soaks pits.  Now it is dealing with dust.  Before last week’s rain, the water truck could go all day with little effect.  So at present, without the help of rain, we cannot control the dust.  Investment in irrigation will be next, but will be expensive, and a waste of time if we get shut down because of noise or dust.  Horse before cart!

You might think we are being over twitchy, but we have to be very diligent, especially as the HDC and locals get comfortable with us.  There is no point stuffing it now.

So, please be patient.  We will put up, on the website and facebook, as early as we can when the next practice is going to be.  If we have had reasonable rain, chances are practice will be on.  But watch the website and facebook.  Last week’s facebook message reached 573  people. 10 turned up.

Copy of the Resource consent is attached here – Click on this link:

 Ngaruroro Raceway Resource Consent

There are 25 conditions we have to meet.  Please read them so you know what we are managing.

There is more to come, Bike wash and toilet blocks, flag marshal boxes and of course a New Zealand signature event.

Watch this space – it’s going to be great, be patient, be grateful.

Greg Morice

HBMCC President