The Top 4 Entry-level Motorcycles for Under £5,000

It’s funny how everything looks nice when you are out there in a dealership trying to buy a new motorcycle. Bike makers have really stepped up the game with options ranging from retro-style cruisers to sleek electric speed bikes. However, not everyone has the financial muscle to spend over £8,000 on a new bike. Most people want something affordable, fast and easy on the eyes. Here’s a list of some of the affordable factory fresh motorcycles that have received a lot of love from the biking community.

Honda Rebel 300

Honda is one bike maker that never disappoints. They make high-quality motorcycles for different price ranges, and the Rebel 300 is the champ in the 300cc class. This bike is newbie-friendly in terms of power. And it delivers Honda’s promise of bringing affordable motorcycles to the market without compromising on quality.

One thing you’ll notice about the Rebel bike is that no one ever talks about engine power because most riders see it as an underpowered machine. The Rebel 300 comes packing a 286cc engine, capable of cranking out 27hp. That’s enough to keep up with traffic on motorways and have a ton of fun while at it. The bike also comes with features borrowed from the speed bike arena, giving it an edge over its competition. And its prices start at £4,999.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

The speed bike department is known to have some of the most powerful and expensive bikes in the market today. But that is not always the case. Kawasaki decided to downsize some of their bikes to accommodate entry-level riders without losing that superbike feel. And that’s how the Ninja 250, 300 and 400 series come to life.

The Ninja 400 features a 399cc parallel-twin unit that works with a six-speed gearbox, and one-finger clutch to deliver the ultimate sporty feel.

Interestingly, the 2019 model of this bike has not changed much from the 2018 version except a few tweaks on aesthetics. That is a clear indication that everyone, including customers, is content with the bike. Prices start from £4,999 but can go even lower if bought second hand.

BMW G 310 R

BMW has made quite a name for itself in the motorcycle industry. And one of their best works in the entry-level department happens to be the G 310 R. The bike is nimble, lightweight and fits within most people’s budgets. That makes it perfect for newbies and experienced riders who are looking to downsize.

The G 310 R comes with a 313cc, reverse inclined, liquid-cooled motor that is capable of producing 7,500rpm of torque. That means you can drive in high gears in a city situation and the engine will show no signs of protest. Vibrations are on the bare minimum, and the throttle response is simply amazing. It’s even hard to believe this bike is in the sub-£5,000 price range.

Yamaha YZF-R3

The YZF –R3 is the smallest bike on Yamaha’s sportbike line up. It is their idea of an entry-level bike that looks and feels like a superbike. The first thing any experienced rider will notice about this bike is the well-thought-out design that gives it an ergonomic feel despite the clip-on bars.

The bike gets an inverted YKB fork with a 20 percent sprint rate. That makes it more stable when attacking corners, and it also works well for every-day riding. The lower handlebars and reshaped tank give it a better riding position than its predecessor. Riders can stay clear of the wind’s path by leaning forward. And they can also grip the tank with the knees, leaving them feeling safer and more comfortable at high speeds. You can also move closer to the tank and sit upright when driving in city conditions. That gives this bike an edge over its competitors as riders can use it as a daily driver. Prices for the YZF –R3 start at £4,999.

This list is not, by any chance, complete. There are tons of new bikes out there, but these are the most sought after entry-level bikes in the market today.